October 2023 Summary

The monthly stats of the content and media I consumed this month! Very quick and kinda late, I am so sorry.

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Hey hey hey, I took a while to make my summary this time, but it is how it is. I have been very busy at work and the regular. I got a new phone, although that didn’t happen in October so, oops. Anyway, for now here is what I listened to.


  • Fall of Civilizations: This podcast is very interesting, I listened to another 2 or 3 episodes and I’ve already learned more history about other cultures than whatever I’ve done before in school, alongside Revolutions. The one thing that I love/hate is that ancient poems and manuscripts are usually read in the original language and english overlapped with a bit of delay, and I just can’t understand either of them, but maybe that will improve on later episodes.
  • Eye of the Duck: This podcast just has a ton to offer, very informative and very nice to listen to. I listened to the podcasts of some movies such as The Thing from 1982 and the 2011 prequel and they were very good. I have seen tons of videos about those movies and the work behind them and I was surprised to learn so many more details and curious facts. And of course, what the hosts consider to be the scenes that define those movies as a whole.
  • Alice isn’t Dead: This is a bit of a weird podcast from the creators of Welcome To Night Vale, it feels like a bit of an audio journal from a woman looking for someone named Alice, its quite an experience but I don’t want to say much else, I’ve only listened to a couple episodes too so I don’t really know what it’s about really, still.


I didn’t read that much manga lately, only the first mention here is new and its fairly short anyway.

  • All You Need is Kill: This is the manga that inspired the movie Edge of Tomorrow, a fantastic piece of cinema. The manga’s story is quite similar, but a lot of the aliens and machine designs are a lot different, the story and everything is pretty great on its own tho, it is quite short so its a quick read worth checking out.
  • Weak Hero: The story right now is on a bit of a backstory about the main “villain” of the story and its taking some very interesting turns, I didn’t think this manhwa would grip me but I am already more than 200 chapters in and I just keep reading.
  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End: After a bit of a hiatus, it only took a couple months (from my perspective at least, older fans waited quite a bit more), for the story to keep going, and I am really enjoying it so far, the plot relaxed a lot, since the last few arcs were more action and dark phantasy focused. Slice of life is back and I am loving it.
  • Komi Can’t Communicate: I mean, Komi was one of the first mangas I read, and its still very fun and wholesome.


Since the year is approaching its end I also kinda wanted to read some more. I managed to finish two books!

  • The Mote in God’s Eye: This was a great read, very imaginative and well written, classic sci-fi at its best, and a fantastic take on what a first contact would look like in the future. I started it in September, and since then I just had a last third to finish, and it was a joy. For some reason I kept imagining the events happening in a TV show in the style of the original Star Trek show, very bright colors on high quality film, kind of cringe sometimes but with some nice dialogues and scenes. I don’t know, but I liked it a lot.

  • Project: Hail Mary: This book is a lot different than the previous one, first of all, it starts out at a first person narration, and the main character wakes up with ammnesia. So, a very different start compared to the multiple characters and perspectives going on in The Mote. Humanity has found a very interesting threat to their existence, and the only hope seems to be light years away from us. Thankfully, that treath is also just what we needed to get there. There is a lot of hard sci-fi here, numbers and physics and fun stuff that my engineering brain kinda gets but not really. I haven’t read much of the genre honestly, but I may check out The Martian later, from the same author.


  • Dicey Dungeons: A small deck-building roguelike that I only played for a little bit, but it is easy to get into and probably has a lot of depth. But another game won me over.
  • Into The Breach: Now this, this got me hooked, I played it on my computer for like 4 hours and then I decided to buy it on my Switch, it was fairly cheap but I have already dedicated quite a lot of time, and I haven’t even tried all the mechs or completed all the islands. It is a tactics RPG that feels a lot like chess and I just wanna make the best possible plays everytime, learning to let go and taking risks. Its great.
  • Castle Crashers: This is a fun beat’em up that I’ve been playing with my friends and it leads to a lot of fun. Tons of enemies, weapons, quite a bit of combos and great boss battles, as well as PvP fights. Its just mindless fun and its great.
  • Velocity: This is a Mini I’ve been playing on my PSP more often, it is a really neat and tidy game, it is a bit of a shoot ‘em up with a lot of puzzle elements rather than bullet hell style stuff. Very good and portable. There is a sequel on the Switch but I would like to have access to the original too.

Device Usage


I used my laptop for a total of 67 hours, at least on my Linux side.

  • Firefox was used for 51 hours
    • Youtube for 7 hours
    • WhatsApp for 2 hours
    • Deku Deals for 4 hours (yeah, I have a problem)
    • Facebook for 1.5 hours
    • Mercado Libre for 1 hour
  • Alacrity was used for 8 hours
  • Into The Breach was played for 3.5 hours
  • Thunderbird for 50 minutes


I used my Phone for around 207 hours. I am actually surprised, seems like a lot. But I can explain!

  • Tusky was used for 38 hours, 8 hours less than last month
  • WhatsApp was used for 35 hours, 8 more
  • Vivaldi was used for 26 hours, 4 more
  • Facebook was used for 16 hours, 9 more
  • Newpipe was used for 16 hours, 3 less
  • Librera was used for 14.5 hours, 4.5 more
  • Signal was used for 6.5 hours 1.5 less
  • Markor was used for 5 hours
  • K-9 Mail was used for 4.5 hours

Looks like it all balances out a little bit, maybe? Maybe I can’t explain… You got me, I don’t want to bother doing so.

Finishing thoughts

A lot of switch games, two books, a little bit of podcasts, still sleeping to Welcome to Night Vale. Somehow the Magnus Archives still has more episodes played. Everything is great. I may get a proper job at the company I’m doing my internship at, I just want to get this over with and do enough blogposts before the year ends. Bye!

This is day 77 of #100DaysToOffload.
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