November 2022 Summary

What I've done this month of November, as usual

So school is finally about to end, I finished an exam today and final projects are very close to being completed! This is it, December will have more posts, I hope.


This time I gave another chance to a podcast I got recommended on Mastodon many months ago. 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back. It’s all about two guys reading books they think they’ll hate. They do it in a very comedic way, and feature some fun segments, like Real or Fanfic, where they try to figure out if they are reading a real segment of the book or not. They also perform parodies and other things that are quite fun. Great humor.

Other than that, I listened to the usual Retro Game Time Machine, Into the Aether, Darknet Diaries among others.

Movies and Series

I saw Toy Solders, it had quite an interesting story about a school taken over by terrorists and some troublemaker students trying to survive.

I watched Slumberland because it was in Netflix and wanted something in the background. Its not bad actually, quite funny and for everybody.

Black Panter: Wakanda Forever was awesome, I love Namor, I love the homage to Boseman, it was a very decent movie but I hated some of the CGI in the final “big battle” sequence. I did enjoy the duel between Namor and Shuri though. I recommend.

I watched a korean drama called Twenty Five Twenty One, I mentioned in October, I finished it this month. I enjoyed it a lot and made me quite emotional once I finished it. Thankfully a couple weeks later I am back to normal. Still, its great so give it a go if you’re into romance and coming of age stuff.


I am up to date with season 3 of Mob Psycho 100. It is absolutely fantastic so far. If you have not given Mob a chance you really are missing out in some of the best animation, action and epic fight scenes that Anime has to offer. Not to mention the lovable protagonist and characters which are all great in their own way. I totally recommend it.

I had abandoned My Dress Up Darling for a while but I watched two episodes of it, only the ending left.


I want to at least read 12 books by the end of the year, I had a goal of 30 but there’s no way.

I am reading Denouement by HexDSL, a YouTuber I quite enjoy that used to do Linux on his channel, although he does whatever he likes and I respect that. He started writing a while ago and I kinda like this SF novel of his, very cool so far, I am already at 58%. You can follow me on BookWyrm if you want to see if I can fulfill my goal!


I’ve mostly stuck with what I already love. Because of the World Cup I catched up on a dozen or so chapters of Blue Lock.

Komi Can’t Communicate is getting quite fun with bringing back a certain character with quite a fun plot.

Because of a conversation with @jppelt I ended up trying out one of Junji Ito’s works. He does horror, and what happens in Tomie is indeed quite horrific stuff. I am not a fan at all of gory stuff, but I already started it and I just wanna know what’s even going on. I am trapped and I don’t want to keep going, but I also can’t stop. Read at your own risk.

Phone usage

I used my phone for 168 hours, A LOT less than last month, cool stuff.

Laptop usage

I used my laptop for a total of 118 hours during October, a bit more than last time.

I recently switched my hostname and I also moved to a window manager and there was a while where I didn’t setup the autostart of ActivityWatch correctly and it didn’t start until I saw a notification of it not running. This means some of my activity was not tracked. Sad times.


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