My Favorite Podcasts of 2022

I've listened to quite a lot of podcasts last year, so I decided to do some recommendations of my 5 favorite podcasts I listened in 2022

I think I will write a series of “My Favorite <blank> of 2022”, and since I am listening to a podcast right now, I decided to start out with them! I will get around to Books, Movies and the like later, if I consumed enough content for it to be worth it.

5. The WAN Show

Some people don’t see with good eyes at the Linus Tech Tips channel and Linus as a person. And honestly, I kind of get it. But ever since I started listening to the WAN show I can’t help but respect the man as a tech enthusiast, entrepeneur and even as a father, he sticks to his opinions and speaks his mind quite openly. But what I enjoy the most is listening to Luke and his thoughts, which are usually more inline with mine. The dynamic between these two is just awesome. Sometimes they barely talk about Tech News, but that’s fine by me, since they ramble about their life experiences, answer Merch Messages (Their own implementation of Youtube’s Superchats) and give some leaks of upcoming episodes and products from their store (some people think the whole show is a bunch of ads, I don’t mind if it is). The show’s awesome and I enjoy having it in the background or while doing chores.

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4. Dungeons and Daddies

In terms of length, this is the longest podcast I’ve listened to. As the name implies, it is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast, its humor is a bit too adult for my taste sometimes, but I just could not stop listening at the story of four dads trying to get their sons back from an alternate realm full of fantasy elements and fun characters to meet. The show has a second season which I have not started just yet, but eventually I’ll get to it.

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3. Your Own Backyard

This is a serious one, a true crime story that only recently found some sense of closure. Its the story of the disappearance of Kristin Smart, and how incredibly convoluted the investigation of the case went. Even if there really seems to be a single suspect. Its a really interesting series, which you may want to give a listen to if you are into true crime. The host is Chris Lambert, and he did such a wonderful job, approaching with victims and witnesses in a very respectful manner and professionalism. Full of twists and turns, I am glad I got to know this story that finally reached its end, even if its not a truly happy one.

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2. Into The Aether

The most chill gaming podcast there is and also they are on Mastodon!. Brendon and Stephen talk about games they liked, and only games they liked. Finding any negativity in this podcast is pretty much incredible, there is criticism and there are complaints, but they come from the wish from the hosts for the games and developers to succeed and keep improving. They’re one of the ways I keep myself updated on current gaming trends and also I get to, from time to time, discover old gems that spark my interest.

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1. Trash Taste

This is my favorite podcast to listen when I just want to listen to random rambles with no order and no reason. Garnt, Joey and Connor are the hosts. They are an anime podcasts that very rarely talks about anime, and they just generally talk about whatever is on their minds. Its full of bad hot takes, life stories and random thoughts. Its awesome, because sometimes I will be paying absolutely no attention and I don’t feel guilty, sometimes weird bits of wisdom and meaningful thoughts will show up, I will have an existential crisis about random things or I will be cringing to an incredibly bad take. It goes from how oranges are the worst citrus fruit, wondering if you can survive a tsunami by getting into a pool, their experiences learning how to drive, tips for travelling to Japan and many other things.

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That’s it!

There are a ton of other podcasts I didn’t mention here. Such as The Magnus Archives, or the ton of Linux related podcasts, I quite enjoy them, I just didn’t find them as important for me. TMA was great, but its more of a 2021 podcast for me, even if I enjoyed a ton of the episodes I listened to in 2022. Regardless, I’ll write some more during the following days…

This is day 21 of #100DaysToOffload


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