March 2023 Summary

I can't believe another month went by. Here's my media consumption this time around! March was a crazy month indeed.

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This was not a regular month, I did a lot of media consumption of the interactive kind. Video games kind of took over for me, which was quite interesting to go through, I already talked about Monster Hunter but I did a lot more, other than my regular share of podcasts, manga, anime and the like.


  • Retro Game Time Machine: I had quite a gaming focused month this time around, so it makes sense for this podcast to show up here and now. Its a pretty fun show that talks about a specific retro game and does an overview about it and the stuff that was happening at the time of its launch, very good stuff.
  • Into The Aether: Regular podcast of mine
  • The WAN Show: The last few shows have been around 4 hours long and I am here for it, my favorite tech podcast by far that is not related to Linux, they talk a bit too much about internal stuff but I am also fascinated by that, but its not for everyone.


Other than the regulars, here are some I wanted to shout out:

  • The Horizon: A MUST READ, if you can handle war and topics of such kind, this manga (actually a manhwa) is essential, so deep despite being only 21 chapters, I finished it in a bit less than two hours. Its about a boy and a girl that find each other after experiencing the reality of war, and decide to walk forward together. Despite everything, hope prevails. Absolutely fantastic, from the same author of The Boxer, which is also a must for everyone, in my opinion.
  • One Outs: Tokuchi is a gambler of One Outs, a game between a batter and a pitcher, and he has never lost. He ends up as a pitcher for the weakest team of the league after the only decent player there finds him and gets him to join. After the team’s owner agrees to a contract that (supposedly) benefits him, giving 5 million per out, and -50 million per run given. The perspective of this manga is great and the protagonist’s schemes are so far ahead of everyone else I can’t help but be amazed at every moment he faces every one of his enemies, from strategists to cheaters and everything in between. His goal? Make as much money as he can, outwitting everyone that crosses his way. Very fun and big brain.
  • Chi no Wadachi: This is psychological manga I mentioned before, I picked it up again and the story is a messed up as ever, which always amazes me because there’s no gore or shock and typical stuff like that. Stuff just happens and the characters just go through that. I really don’t want to spoil this one. Its about the strange relationship of a mother and son after they witness a murder. Just read it.
  • My Clueless First Friend: A bullied girl ends up befriended by a guy who is clueless about how badly everyone treats her. He considers everything they say to her as a compliment, and even if its not, he somehow innocently understands it as something wholesome and makes everyone around him see it that way (or get weirded out so they leave them be). I am very bad at explaining this but its wholesome and cute and comfy so if you are traumatized by the previous manga read this.


  • Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2: I finished this section of chapters, I will honestly stop watching until they get to the end because this is getting ridiculous. I am loving the series but the way its split and its chapters come out have me so confused. Also everything happening is so heartbreaking I kinda want to just stop but I can’t stop watching, so good, just the pacing is kinda messed up, not in the story progression just in real life.

  • Lycoris Recoil: Absoulutely fantastic original anime with a super wholesome protagonist that takes place in a world where high school girls fight crime and terrorism, and she’s the best of them all. A newcomer gets teamed up with her after she disobeys orders and so begins their adventure. Its premise is quite interesting, but the characters take the show and the story ain’t bad at all. It also got what I consider a satisfying ending which is kinda weird to have. The animations is also insane so watch it for that reason at least.

  • Giant Beasts of Ars: Another original anime series that started out quite strong but it just didn’t have the time to pan out such a story, I wish it had run for 3 seasons or something because I really felt this world to be almost like Avatar The Last Airbender, very good and interesting, but with a rushed second half that ended up not being that great.

  • Kaiji - Ultimate Survivor: Kaiji is in debt, he ends up having to gamble and be entertainment for rich dudes, for the chance of his debt being erased and even gaining a huge amount of money. The mental gymnastics of this anime are really high. The protagonist really does his best, but he is actually kind of a regular guy that has to climb his way to the top, unlike Tokuchi who would probably win to everyone in there. Really great stuff that I had to keep watching because I couldn’t wait to see what was next.

  • One Outs: I actually watched the anime before the manga, the animation is done by Madhouse studios and it shows. I really enjoyed this series which is following the manga’s plot, which I already mentioned, you may wanna watch it this way too, I just wanted to know what was next since it doesn’t cover the full manga, as far as I know. The subtitle of the show is pretty clear about what the show is about: Nobody wins, but I!


  • Emergency Declaration: A Korean thriller about a virus that is used for bioterrorism inside an airplane, with a bunch of korean drama in between. I actually really enjoyed it, there is just some convenient stuff that helps the people trying to figure things out which were a little too convenient. Regardless, it was good!


I played quite a few games this month, I had never played so much in a while, so its quite interesting to see to be honest. I finished a couple of games I had started a couple years ago, which was quite interesting.


  • Ys Seven: This is an action RPG that I really enjoyed, it has so much content and stuff to do, the story was not half bad, and the gameplay was super fun. I actually got stuck at the final boss, so to complete it I just grinded for a bit, unlocked a couple new skills and tried some strategies until I finally managed to beat it, it was a 4 phase battle which was rough, but not impossible. I really recommend it to be honest.
  • Jeanne D’Arc: I already mentioned this in its own post, because I finished it first, such a good game, go check out my post on it.


  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: This is one of those games that you can finish but it doesn’t really matter, I enjoy playing missions and unlocking more sets, upgrading my armor, getting new equipment and such. The best thing is trying strategies and playing online, helping fellow hunters, from advanced to beginners, and I just have a good time.
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: All of the above, but with a couple improvements and I am also just starting out, also introduced a friend to it and its been super fun. We will go to Freedom Unite once he gains experience.
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: I am even more of a noob on this one but its pretty fun and underwater combat is quite interesting.
  • Final Fantasy IV: Great story, the PSP version is great, I am enjoying it but I am a bit stuck with a grindy tower section which is not that big of a deal.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Considered one of the best of all time, its quite fun despite its aged look, quite charming. I just got to a plot exposition bit which ain’t bad, I am enjoying the pace, I will take my time with this one.

Device Usage

Alright so, as you may be able to tell, this time around my activity tracking is quite unique.

Desktop Usage

  • PPSSPP emulator. 70 hours
  • Firefox. 104 hours
  • Citra emulator. 9 hours

Phone Usage

  • Newpipe. 45 hours
  • Aniyomi. 20 hours
  • Whatsapp. 14 hours
  • Tachiyomi. 13 hours
  • Brawl Stars. 11 hours


I have to say I also spent a bunch of time on Twitch, because I was listening and watching Monster Hunter streamers which I also kinda played with sometimes so that was very fun.

I feel like I spent a lot of time doing not very useful things, at the same time I have a lot of free time so it is how it is. I should be looking for an internship, this is so sad.

This is day 45 of #100DaysToOffload
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