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So, I accidentally marked as read every single feed in my FreshRSS instance, but I decided to make the best of it!

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So last Tuesday I commited an atrocity, that annoyed me to no end, at least for an hour or so until I thought about it.

If you didn’t open that link, that’s quite sad, but basically I marked all of the feeds in my FreshRSS instance as read, something that was done by accident and would get rid of my backlog of blogposts I would have liked to read at some point.

I mean, the articles are still there and my purging policy is really forgiving, but I have no way to tell what I already read from what I had not.

Regardless, this ended up being a bit of a blank slate now, thankfully, Matthew Graybosch had this fantastic comment!

More articles will come. Just give it time. Or add more feeds.

Matthew Graybosch

So, I decided to add more RSS feeds! And it was great!

But where did you find those?

Blogs! Of course, I barely read news on my RSS feed actually, so I decided to checkout the blogrolls of the websites I already follow, I ended up finding quite a few gems that way. An even quicker way to find random blogs to add to my RSS reader was making use of Ye Olde Blogroll’s Randomizer, which worked wonderfully too!

Some of the blogs I found that you might like are the following!

  • Analog Office: This blog has a bunch of articles about analog stuff, paper planners, handwriting and the like. Very nice stuff.
  • Colin Walker: This blog is pretty much just a journal filled with everything. Just a blog about blogging, writing and tinkering in general, Colin seems like a nice guy!
  • Controlling the Transmissions: This website has many book reviews from some guy who just read Childhood’s End like me!
  • Its always nice to find more blogs just talking about the way they do things I already do, technology and open source in general.
  • Derek Sivers blog: This is the guy who inspired me to do my /now page so, while he doesn’t blog as much I added him anyway.
  • Hey Fluxay!: Its Fluxay! I don’t know, he’s fun! Recently released the last episode of his podcast (so far), and may blog more later.
  • Last Contact: This is a bit of a sci-fi story, published over time! It’s quite good!
  • Marc Thiele’s Journal: This one just showed up in the Blogroll randomizer and I’ve only read a couple of articles, good stuff though!
  • Musings from a Tangled Mind: The musings from a tangled mind, from an anonymous author, talking about whatever happens in their life.
  • Just another personal website that I found randomly too!
  • Robin Rendle: This one was from Kev Quirk’s blogroll!, the RSS feed here is actually complete, so I have 800 or so unread articles now in one fell swoop!
  • The Knee Jerk Devotional: Daily posts about faith, the bible and stuff like that, I think its pretty good.

Changing my RSS reading habits

Because I marked everything as read, and I also removed a bunch of the spammy news feeds. I will get a lot less, but hopefully more meaningful content coming up. I decided to limit the few big sources I still have to mark as read older articles (or whenever up to 20 are still unread). I also added a lot of word filters for more stuff I don’t care about, words like “Amazon”, “Subscription” and whatever else. Much better.

Because of the amount of feeds I removed, as well as the list of feeds I added, I think I’ll need to reorganize my categories at some point too, since right now the biggest ones are “100DaysToOffload” for people doing the challenge and “Personal Websites” for literally everyone else. While the rest of news, updates and comics are only a small fraction in comparison. There’s always work to do I guess.

Regardless, now I should be able to just read whatever and have a good list of articles to check out when I have the time at a constant rate. I kind of wrote about that before but it didn’t stick for me, because of my huge backlog—which no longer exists. As long as I manage to catch up with Robin Rendle’s archive…

This is day 10 of #100DaysToOffload!

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