Finally finding the song

Almost 10 years ago, a video came out that featured a great song I wanted to know. After all this time, I finally found it.

So a few days ago I was kind of inspired to revisit an old video from a channel I quite liked back in the day. By The River - Cardistry w/ Sergio Roca, from Julio Ribera’s YouTube channel.

To this day I think it is a great video, showcasing some great Cardistry flourishes, a hobby I quite enjoyed practicing—and watching—at the time.

Ever since the video came out, people have been leaving the same comment over and over again, asking for the song name. As recently as last month! Not bad for a decade old video I would say.

Keep in mind we are talking about a Spanish audience here, for the most part, and I for once didn’t know English back then. Even today I still struggle to get some English lyrics from many songs and genres, it is just much harder than normal speech.

Anyway, I tried to look up the song using different platforms like Shazam, Soundhound, and whatever alternatives and browser plugins I came across—with no luck at all. I did so many times over the years, and an actually correct result never showed up.

As I mentioned, I didn’t really get the lyrics back then. But this year, I decided to try again, and I posted about it on the Fediverse. Thankfully, many friends over there decided to take upon the task of helping me find the song. After many failed attempts, two people at once finally found it, using a particularly archaic method—looking up the lyrics online.

You may ask, why didn’t you think of that sooner?

Well, first off, last time I tried to look up this song was in 2018, six years ago—dude, I’m old— and I still didn’t grasp as many English words as I do today, I don’t think I even tried I probably just left a comment in the video lamenting the lack of the song name and didn’t really search for it.

This time around I did write some of the lyrics in a text file, but I only pasted them directly, the whole transcription, which had many bits wrong for sure, why didn’t you try verse by verse? phrase by phrase? I don’t know maybe I am just lazy! If I am so lazy, why did I mistranslate the whole song instead of you know, only translating a couple lines? right? I don’t know!!! I am also not very smart.

Regardless, since I looked for the wrong lyrics, I didn’t find the right song.

So, who discovered the song?

At last, it was both @bbbhlz and @simon who ended up linking the same obscure music video and shared it to me.

The song is titled Parent’s House (Emil Heró Remix),and it is a remix of this song by Colleagues. It is no wonder that I was completely unable to find this song on any song recognition platforms.

You see, as of the upload date of this post, the Colleagues YouTube channel only has 729 subscribers and the video around 41K views, meanwhile the remix barely reaches 4.2K views and the channel has 113 subscribers. I think both versions of the song are quite good and they deserved more recognition, so go give them some love! Neither channel has shared any videos in years, which is a shame, I can see these songs still being quite popular if they appeared in some random famous TikTok, ngl. I know TikTok is evil and all that but that platform has a way of making random songs take off which is kind of great, if annoying sometimes.

I was seriously so very happy, about such a mistery being finally resolved, but I have mixed feelings about it. It feels like closing a kind of random—but intriguing—chapter of my life finally coming to an end. So, I am sad that it is over—but I am grateful that I lived to see it…

This is day 15 of #100DaysToOffload


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