Feeling like doing Gamedev again

Honestly, I think next year I want to participate in a Game Jam again, its been a while though.

Because of how many indie games I’ve cared and videos I’ve watched on the matter, I started to feel the itch to not just play indie games, but start working on my own again.

I’ve actually done a couple of games already for many Game Jams during the pandemic. However, I kind of lost my way, and ended up dedicating myself to other things. Of course its not like I wasted my time, I learned many things and started this blog. University, internship, work—school just kept going.

Honestly, I think that game development as a hobby—and not my work—doesn’t really sound that bad of an idea, since Game Jams don’t really take that much time I think I want to try my hand at trying doing my own roguelike one of these days, as simple as I can.

Recently a YouTuber I used to follow a while ago also returned with a video sharing what he has worked on during his abscence.

Regardless, I also watched a bunch of videos from ThatGuiGlen who talks about the history of many indie games and their development, so maybe this is just a phase and I won’t feel the itch to develop games anymore.

I won’t make any promises but it would be nice if I manage to do this.

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