February 2024 Summary

What I watched, listened, read and the rest during the month of February, year 2024.

Oops, sorry for the delay this time, anyway, here are the things of note that I consumed this month! Had a bunch of things going on and I also did a bit of commisions and things, I am actually behind schedule so, oof.


  • Out Of The Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis. I finished this book and I was quite fond of it. I am eager to read the sequel, but I also want to try a lot of different books this year, so we’ll see.


  • Howl’s Moving Castle: This was a nice Ghibli movie I wanted to watch for a while, it was a pretty great movie with awesome animation.
  • Concrete Utopia: A korean movie I watched at the cinema and I found it quite entertaining. Post-apocalyptic world where a single apartments building remains standing and society around it tries to survive.


  • The Vergecast: Listened to quite a bit of episodes about OpenAI, Apple Vision Pro and other recent things going on.
  • Pretending to be People: I listened to a few episodes of this Real Time Roleplay podcast, which does not use D&D mechanics and is kind of interesting! Murder case story.
  • SCP: Find Us Alive: This is a radio transmission from an SCP base stuck in a pocket dimension. Super interesting sci-fi audio show.
  • Radio Rental: Just real life stories of bizarre events and weird things that happened to people, with a fantastic presentation, maybe a meta-narrative? Still need to listen more.
  • The Ten Minute Bible Hour: I listened to a bunch of episodes, studying Matthew still. Interesting stuff and points of view regarding the Scriptures.
  • Relatos de la Noche: Just horror stories I somehow sleep to before sleep, in Spanish, good stuff, the host has a nice voice to sleep to.


  • Monster: Read chapters 77 to 96
  • Kingdom: Read chapters 776 to 782
  • Sakamoto Days: I only read one chapter


  • Solo Leveling: I started watching this anime based on one of the first manhuas I ever read, so far, so good! But I haven’t catched up to it. Should give Frieren a watch…


  • Balatro: New roguelike poker game. Insanely addicting, actually great, epic, a must.
  • Yoshi’s Island: A classic platformer that holds up really really well to this day.
  • Lumines: Super addicting game I’ve mentioned before.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: I managed to beat another Ganon and unlocked Mipha’s healing ability. Did some shrines.

Device Usage


I used my laptop for a total of 62 hours

  • Firefox for 35 hours
  • Alacritty for 17 hours
  • GIMP for 6 hours
  • Inkscape for 1 hour


I used my phone for a total of 197 hours.

  • Tusky for 39 hours
  • WhatsApp for 29 hours
  • YouTube for 22 hours
  • Cromite for 16 hours
  • Bible for 9 hours
  • Facebook for 9 hours
  • Signal for 6 hours
  • K-9 Mail for 5 hours

Finishing Up

Again, I am sorry for the delay posting this! I know you guys really wanted to know how what I did this month. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again next month! Had a lot of things.

This is day 20 of #100DaysToOffload


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