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My favorite podcast app, open source and customizable

Around 2 years ago, I started to get interested in podcasts, due to the release of Google Podcasts (interestingly enough). I had heard about them, and I was starting to get into programming, so I decided to try the app and look up for some podcasts that talked about those kind of themes.

Honestly, after a few days I just forgot about it and uninstalled the app, but thats how I got interested in them (Thanks Google).

Months later, I tried AntennaPod, a free and open source app that allowed me to do the same thing, and I liked it a lot, it just had quite an ugly interface, but I was willing to give it a try.

They recently got a very nice redesign that gets rid of the Holo interface for something based on current Material design guidelines (still a bit rough around the edges, as most FOSS projects). And I have been listening to more podcasts lately, so I wanted to share this app because it is quite fantastic.

I keep a backup of the full database thanks to Syncthing, similarly of how I manage my RSS feeds. but it allows to export to simple OPML files too, but I like the stats it gives me, so saving them for everytime I reboot my phone is quite nice.

Some podcasts suggestions. πŸ“»

I have a lot of subbed podcasts that I listen from time to time, but these are a few that I consistently listen to, or that are finished shows that I enjoyed.

Finishing up

There is another FOSS podcasts app that I quite like, named Tsacdop, this one is not developed by a whole community like Antennapod, so it is still quite in its early stages, but you can still try it out, since it has a very unique feel to it, I really love its layout.

Anways, Antennapod is a very good app, they also have their own forums where you can leave suggestions and bug reports, and contribute in any way you want. It is still quite active in development, and is one of those FOSS apps that can have a fair fight against their non-free (as in freedom) competitors, such as Podcast Addict and others (Google Podcasts is not even close by the way).

If you have any other podcasts that I should listen to, please let me know, this has been day 13 of #100DaystoOffload


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