A Mysterious Affair at Styles

I hadn't read any non sci-fi and I decided to go for something different. Here are my thoughts on this classic detective story!

I kind of wanted to go for a change of pace, and read something that is not Science Fiction. My friend @amin had mentioned his liking for some of Agatha Christie’s Poirot novels and I wanted to read one for a while.

I’ve read a couple of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes before so I was curious as to what Agatha Christie had done to make her books stand out among the many works inspired by Holmes—I was also looking for another book to read along with @isa after finishing Dune—so we settled for the first of the Poirot novels!

This book was a bit confusing at first with the dozen or so characters that are presented during the beginning chapters. However, I quickly familiarized with them—I still mixed up some of the last names but I knew who was who. It is a simple story in theory: a rich lady with an inheritance, a second husband, two sons and a wife of one, some servants, a doctor, you know the drill.

Honestly, this was very fun to read along someone else, after each chapter we each had our suspects and opinions on the cast, it was as entertaining as the novel itself every time Poirot explained his findings and changed our whole perspective on the events all the way up to the final reveal, which is just amazing.

It is funny and well written, a definite page turner for me, I read the last four chapters altogheter because all the revelations and explanations were quite mind-boggling to me—also because isa kept reading ahead, so evil lol.

I recently acquired And Then There Were None, considered to be one of Agatha Christie’s best work, and one of the best selling books of all time, because if this one amazed me, I can’t help but wonder what her best writing would be like. Yes, I have an e-reader but I couldn’t help myself. Good stuff.

I might continue my read of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, just to refresh myself and see the way both fictional detectives work, and have some more fun outside of the Science Fiction genre.

This is day 34 of #100DaysToOffload and my second post for #WeblogPoMo2024


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