What interested me today (#1?)

Many personal sites I follow tend to share links, notes and stuff like that that caught their interest, and I decided to do the same today, maybe it will become a regular thing, so here we go!

So yeah, here are some short things that caught my interest but I didn’t really feel like digging deeper into them myself and write more about them, but just share some links to them in case you find them interesting, maybe videos, podcasts or interesting software that I think deserves a mention in my blog, although not a fully fleshed out blogpost (have I ever done anything “fleshed out” at all anyway?).

How Japanese Internet Design differs

This is a reply to a video I saw many months ago, both videos are actually pretty interesting. I never really thought about how different the internet looks in Japan and Asia in general, but these videos talk about how culture shapes the way we all see the world and how that translates to web design!

Some nice clients for Lemmy

I came across a couple different clients and interfaces to use Lemmy be it on mobile or the web. In case you don’t know, Lemmy is a decentralized alternative to Reddit, which recently decided to ask for a little too much money for a very limited API. Also Infinity for Reddit, the client I use for now actually still works right now so that’s nice I guess, but it will become paid soon, I plan on removing my Reddit account though. For now here are my current choices to interact with Lemmy on my phone and laptop.


My current favorite for Android, still has some rough edges but its pretty serviceable

GitHub repo


This is a web interface that pretty much looks exactly like the old reddit layout, it also has a dark theme!

Public instance

GitHub repository


I somehow never mentioned I had started watching Smallville, a show that started airing 22 years ago and tells the origin story of Clark Kent before he became Superman, me and my family watched it for a while, and even though we stopped, I recently found this podcast featuring Tom Welling (Clark Kent) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) rewatching and talking about the show, its pretty fun!

Talkville Podcast website

RSS Feed

Other sites that do stuff like this!

Well I wanted to finish this first part (yeah I decided along the way I should do this more often) featuring other websites that also do this kinda stuff, simply sharing some thoughts on stuff they found on the web!

I feel like I have come across more posts like this in my feed but I just could not find them and I have other things to do, so this will have to do for now, maybe in the next post of this kind I’ll mention others.

For now, this is day 51 of #100DaysToOffload.


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