What interested me today 2

Lately I've been surfing the web and got hooked by many things, so I decided to follow up this series and share what has caught my interest recently.

Alright, I didn’t want to end August with only two blogs, so I decided to also make this post sharing what has caught my interest lately. Enjoy!

Minimalist Phone Setup

Henry, from Techlore recently shared a video on his minimal iPhone setup. Of course, I don’t like iPhones, but the things he’s done to his phone can be easily done on Android too.

Messi at the MLS

From time to time my interest in soccer creeps up and fills my YouTube recommendations, I found this video quite interesting, about the plays and influence Messi has had in his team and the MLS as a whole. Watching his plays is a joy everytime, not going to lie.

Playing FLAC files on my PSP

Turns out the built-in media player on my PSP does not support FLAC files, this is pretty reasonable, but there is a homebrew music player that actually supports this format: LightMP3. In fact, it supports every reasonable format and is well optimized too, so it can play music off the PSP for up to 11 hours. A nice find after yesterday’s post.

It probably works wonders with MP3 files and the like, I tried to fast forward a song in FLAC format, which was playing wonderfully, but after skipping forward so much it crashed the program, it happens sometimes. Still, the interface is nice!

A computer made out of wood (not really)

While listening to the Vergecast episode Mythical computers and super apps, this interesting device made out of a NUC and a bunch of wood, was built with the mindset of having dedicated tools for dedicated tasks, quite an interesting approach that is not seen often with the boring industrial designs of computers today. Also, apps that do everything, not a great idea, unless its a Lisp interpreter…

That’s it

So yeah, this is the end of today’s interests. Easy format to fill I think, yay! Until later.

This is day 55 of #100DaysToOffload


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