An overview of my watch collection

I wrote this in a Discord server and I thought it was long enough to count as a blogpost, so here it is.

So, I got quite a pretty small but good collection of watches. If you use Mastodon you might have seen most of them already. Someone in a Discord server asked me to share the story of each of them and I wrote this as a response. It was edited to for the purposes of this blog and grammar, but yeah…

My oldest casio watch sadly broke, although I may replace it soon, its an MQ-24 my father gave me, its the most popular watch in Japan and its a very simple, analog alterative to the F-91W, I used it on high school almost every day until one of the lugs broke, and since it was part of the resin case, It was not possible to fix it. It’s on my drawer still though, I could probably turn it into a necklace or pocket watch if I wanted to.

The oldest digital watch I own that’s still working would be the F-108W. I didn’t get it with this intent, but it actually serves as a memory from our family vacation to Houston TX back in 2018, I got it from a Walmart because I had always wanted to own a brand new Casio digital watch, and it was like 15 bucks so I decided to get it. Its pretty good honestly and used it for a while until the band broke, I only replaced it last year and started wearing it more often.

The F-91W on actually the most random of the bunch, because I bought it because it was a donation from a friend in the Fediverse, after I shamelessly asked for it. Back then I didn’t have a job although I ad some income from doing graphic design sometimes, so I was quite happy with the surprise. Its a must have, not only for watch collectors, but everybody.

The Casio Royale (AE-1200) was bought with the money from actually designing a logo for a website, if I recall correctly, and I got it because it is a really cool watch, world timer, multi alarm, and a bunch of cool features, as well as a great design, it’s probably my favorite of the bunch and the one I wear more often.

My sister gifted me the MRW-200H, its the second analog Casio watch I own and I love it very much, it was given to me on my birthday and its just a great beater analog watch. It features a rotating bezel and a displays both day and date! Although the visibility at night is very lackluster.

The A-168 is a bit of newer one,I bought with my own money to celebrate that I got my first real job, which is quite the acomplishment for me—and my demise. I wear it quite a bit but the metal strap scratches my laptop, so I haven’t used it as much at work specifically—or while writing these posts. Still, I love it very much!

I’ll write a more in-depth review next year so, you’ll have to wait!

This is day 94 of #100DaysToOffload


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