The Monster Hunter online experience

As always, new and old hobbies tend to return to me pretty randomly, but surely. This time, Monster Hunter got a hold of me once again.

Monster Hunter is probably my favorite game to just relax and focus on a task, a mission and a goal without having to care about any plot or emotional bits (other than the tension of the hunt). Its userbase has grown a lot in the past few years with World and Rise, as well as their respective expansions. I actually returned to it and did a really similar post to this one a year ago, but I kinda stopped since I found playing on my phone to be rather annoying. Until now.

Until a few months later, I got my PSP fixed, and remembered I could use it as a game controller, but until now, I decided to join Monster Hunter and play online again, properly, this time.

In case you don’t know what Monster Hunter is, the best way to describe it would be:

Get stick, hunt monster, improve stick with monster parts.

Rinse and repeat.

There are a lot of nice features and gameplay around this gameplay loop, of course, which has only gotten better in the later generations, if a bit bloated for some of the oldest player base. Of course I’ve never actually experienced a lot of the new stuff, but watching gameplay I sometimes can’t even tell what’s happening, which is not a great sign for me, of course if you want to get me a copy of the newer games on Steam or whatever I will not refuse. 😉

Let’s say that this month’s Monthly Summary will be pretty different from previous months…

Since last time I played, I switched my Linux distro a couple of times, so, like before I had to set up Hunsterverse to play online with the PPSSPP emulator and such (just follow the link to know more), using OpenVPN.

However, I also discovered that Zerotier (and Tailscale) can be used for this, which is kinda obvious now that I have learned more about how networks work since I started hosting my own server. With this method, I joined the Madness Gaming Network and its been more than enough to play with some players I met there.

My experience has been great, I’ve been playing quite often and enjoying my time hunting monsters and grinding to get that one item drop I need to get that sweet new armor and such. I even got an IRL friend of mine to try it out and now we’ve played together quite a few times and its been a blast. It will still be a while for him to learn the Way of the Hunter, but its been good so far on Portable 3rd, can’t wait to introduce him to Freedom Unite!

Also, for some reason I had forgotten that Monster Hunter has a nice social feature buil-in! Guild Cards! One of the hunters I played with sent me his, and I realized that I have access to quite a list of hunters I used to play with back in 2017, and I was able to check the hunts we participated together on, the armor set he was using since last time we played and many other awesome statistics that are just nice to have, surviving since so long ago.

I even finally catched up with a player from those days, I had suspicions on his username immediately, and as soon as I sent him my GC, the game told me “You already sent your Guild Card to this player” and almost at the same time, we messaged each other on Discord and had an incredibly nostalgic flow of memories talking about the good old days.

I edited my Guild Card message to display my website too, so I may have a couple new readers soon enough…

Its been a while since my last post, but let’s pretend that didn’t happen. I pretty much played the entire time rather than blogging, oops.

Please, join me, I can help you get into this. Seriously, I don’t mind I just wanna be happy and hunt big monsters with sticks.

This is day 44 of #100DaysToOffload


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