September 2023 Summary

What I've done this month when it comes to media consumption and other things I want to talk about

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So, there’s been, like always, quite a lot of stuff that I’ve done this month.

The most noticeable for you, or maybe not noticeable at all, is that I changed my website domain! it used to be and its now It is fairly easy to forget, since I’m sure most of you only type the first couple letters and hit enter (or read this from an RSS feed).

So yeah, it should now be easier to type and remember. Its quite wild compared to how much I struggled back when I started this blog, since I didn’t have any money to spare on this.

Regardless, I should be going with what I consumed this month!


Just like last time, most of the podcasts I listen to are the same, but here are some I started or discovered lately.

  • Eye of The Duck: This is a movie talk podcasts where they try to find the “Eye of The Duck” scene. Scenes on a movie that define the whole of it, such an interesting premise and also fantastic hosts, I have listened to their miniseries on Toy Story and the “Of The Dead” zombie movies. Very entertaining.

  • Fall of Civilizations: Pretty much everyone seems to know this podcast already, its title says it all! I only listened to the first episode so far, but it was fantastic.

  • Radio Rental: This is a podcast about weird stories and experiences that happened to people, it has an interesting format and the couple stories I’ve heard are so random, its hard to believe they actually happened.


I didn’t read as much manga this month for multiple reasons. Including reading a text book and trying to not use my phone as much.

  • Heavenly Delusion: I didn’t read many chapters this month but they were super interesting and intriguing, this series just keeps having plot twists and they all somehow don’t get tiring at all.
  • Sakamoto Days: I had forgotten a little bit about the arc I was reading, but I managed to finish it and start another! I am liking it so far.

Movies and TV Shows

  • Toy Story 2: Remember the Eye in The Duck podcast, they pretty much made me watch this movie again, and it was great, amazing.
  • Toy Story 3 in Real Life: This is literally a 1 to 1 recreation of the original Toy Story 3 made with stop motion, practical effects and composing. It was a joy to watch and I eventually forgot it wasn’t the original. Disney has been kind enough to not remove it from YouTube
  • Malcom in the Middle: Apparently, this series was not as popular in the US, but in Mexico it has always been a top hit. To this day we watch it everyday, we used to do so in Canal 5, its been airing for ages. Nowadays however we stream it and its been great. Highly recommended, still holds up.
  • My Adventure with Superman: I finished this show and I liked the interesting rendition to Clark Kent and his relationship with Loise Lane. Its a pretty wholesome and romantic show but the action doesn’t stay behind!


  • The Mote in God’s Eye: This is a sci-fi book, and a pretty long one! I’ve managed to read around 60% of it, and its already the longest book I’ve read. I am going to finish it this month for sure. The book is about the first contact of humanity with alien life, a thousand or so years into the future. Surprisingly realistic and the aliens are very unique, compared to the common tropes, they feel like something out of Dr. Who and its awesome.


  • F-ZERO 99: I got Nintendo’s Online subscription and this game is free when you have it! The game is super fun and provides short bursts of adrenaline and action packed racing. Very good stuff.
  • Monster Hunter Rise: I bought this game digitally (I’m sorry 🤢), I’m having a nice time. I still don’t even feel like upgrading my armor though so I still have to play it more
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: I don’t bring my switch to work, so I’ve been playing this game during commutes and other things, just as fun and very deep in gameplay.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: I have progressed quite a bit more but I am still pretty much in the same position.

Device Usage

Since I am still not done with my internship, and my playtime on my switch, my computer usage is very low still.


I used my laptop for around 45 hours this month.

  • Firefox for 28 hours
  • Alacritty for 8 hours
  • GIMP for 4 hours
  • Signal for 1 hour


I used my phone for 200 hours, 17 less than last month, which probably transferred to my Switch…

  • Tusky for 46 hours, I think I need to stop distracting myself…
  • WhatsApp for 27 hours, again, work
  • Vivaldi for 22 hours, I switched to Vivaldi as my mobile browser and its honestly very enjoyable
  • Newpipe for 19 horus, I actually lowered my YouTube usage!
  • Librera for 10 hours, the proof I actually read a book! I’m listening to the audiobook too.
  • Signal for 8 hours
  • Facebook for 7 hours, I haven’t used it much for work…
  • Tachiyomi for 5 hours, yeah, not much manga this month.

Final thoughts

I am quite happy I managed to write just a little more this month, but I have to pretty much write one blogpost every 2 days from now if I want to finish the 100 Days To Offload challenge, it should be possible! Wish me luck

This is day 63 of #100DaysToOffload
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