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So, I started reading manga a while ago and I wanted to do share some quick thoughts about the first 3 mangas I started reading!

I started reading manga at the end of last year, I never had any interest on it before, but since I was already watching anime, I decided to give it a go.

The first manga I read was Attack on Titan, since I had already watched the anime, but I kinda don’t want to count it just because I skipped a bunch of stuff and went to reread episodes I liked, as well as read ahead in some of the things that would come with the now released 4th season. So I decided to make a quick list of the ones I got started with.

Sakamoto Days

The first proper manga I started was Sakamoto Days, because of a recommendation from some YouTube video, and I have to say, I really like it, its pretty fun, the characters are nice and the story is about the best assassin who retired when he found love, only for his pet, a gift from his dying wife, to be kil…

Wait, I got confused, Sakamoto’s family is fine (for now?), but he ends up getting involved again due to reasons, however, he promised his wife to never kill again, which leads to some fun and action packed scenarios with pretty cool scenes. I like it and its still going, there are not that many chapters yet, so you can catch up in no time!

Komi Can’t Communicate

The second manga I started is Komi Can’t Communicate (sorry, I am still not involved in this hobby enough to know how to type the Japanese names) and I got immediately hooked. The anime came out recently and I decided to read the manga first because why not. Its a show about Komi, a beautiful girl who struggles to communicate and make friends, but due to her beauty and behavior, gains an Ice Queen kind of reputation where nobody feels worthy of speaking to her anyways. Tadano is your average guy who somehow manages to actually read her and decided to help her make friends and communicate better with others.

The story is super cute, situations are fun and adorable and each character is a lot more than the typical high school stereotypes (or so I’ve heard, since I’ve not read any other lol). Overall I read its 300+ chapters in like 2 days and its still releasing, which is fun.

Solo Leveling

This is not a manga, but a manhwa, which means its done in South Korea and its also fully colored, more like a webtoon, you don’t read from right to left, but scroll infinitely. This makes it faster and more comfortable to read on a mobile format.

This one I loved and I can say its the first manga I’ve finished, since its no longer releasing new chapters!

The story happens in a world where some gates opened and gave powers to some people, which are called “Hunters”, each has its own rank all the way up to S tier. Those gates also are a path to dungeons, which are also ranked. There they have to fight monsters of all kinds and gather resources, since if they don’t, the beasts will come outside their dimension and invade the world.

Some E rank guy with a lot of courage gets involved in a dungeon of a higher rank than they expected, and after showing his worth, gains the ability to level up and gain access to a game-like interface only he can access. Thanks to this, he manages to make his way up to the top and try his best to save the World and uncover the truth of what’s even happening.

Awesome art, a pretty cool story, if a bit random at times, nice characters and progression, I liked it a lot.

Some more soon

I will probably mention some more mangas I’ve been reading or thinking about starting, but I have to be done for today since, well I want to keep reading some more. I am pretty hooked on Kingdom right now, so maybe later.

This has been day 96 of #100DaysToOffload


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