October 2022 Summary

What I did this month, sorry for the delay!

Not a lot of free time this time. So this is it for now.


I started and caught up to Your Own Backyard, one of the best documentary series on a case that has never been cold, but has lasted for almost 3 decades, and only recently got a bit of a conclusion. I will not spoil it, its a must listen.

If you are done with the previous true crime podcast, you can go ahead and listen to Bear Brook, another podcast with tons of twists and turns, it gets weirder at every clue, but its all worth it at the end, or is it?

Retro Game Time Machine is a podcast I’ve known about for a while, I actually recommended it more than a year ago. But I listened to it again this month. Its really chill and comfy. It starts with recent gaming news, then travel through time and mention some important events and trends during the time the game came out, and then talk about the game in question, at the end the mention other games they’ve been playing and call it a day.

Movies and Series

Korean dramas have taken over my life, send help. Now my sister is making us watch Twenty Five, Twenty One. I have to admit the thing that keeps me going is the fact that it happens in the 90s and pretty much everyone is using Casio G-Shocks. It’s all about a girl who wants to be a fencer (the sport), and become the rival of another fencer she admires. Honestly though, it is quite good! If a bit too dramatic sometimes, like most korean dramas.

I’ve also been watching The Clone Wars series, but I am just following the main arcs and skipping some with some guide I found online.

I think the only movie I watched fully this month was Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I enjoyed it a lot, almost cried too.


Claymore. It’s sooooo gooood. It seems like there were too many good manga series when it came out and it flew under the radar, but its so worth it. Its about a world filled with monsters known as Yoma who take human forms to disguise themselves. The only ones capable of seeing and defeating them, are known as Claymores, “silver-eyed witches” that are half Yoma, and their name comes from their weapon, big swords indeed. The protagonist is Claire, and her story is worth a read.

The anime didn’t do it justice since it ends halfway through the manga, which has an awesome finale like 100 chapters later.

I didn’t read much else other than keeping up with the rest of ongoing manga I follow.

Screen Time

This month was quite busy, I gotta say. So here’s what happened.

Phone usage

I used my phone for around 240 hours this time around, oof.

Laptop usage

I used my laptop for a total of 116 hours during October, kinda crazy.

Wrapping up

A very busy month, don’t have time to explain, see ya later!


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