Not a long post

I am writing a fairly long blogpost and I feel weird about it, so here is another post to compensate

So, I have been writing a fairly requested blogpost featuring my top 25 favorite games. Originally I wanted to just use Topsters to create an updated 5x5 square and maybe a list of names. But then I decided to just talk just a little bit about them and what are they about.

But then I was like “let’s make this a more personal thing” and now I also want to add a personal story of how I first found the game and my personal experience with each.

But then I feel like I would rather write a blogpost for each videogame but I also don’t really feel like writing a short post like this one, it would have to be a fairly decently long essay, since each game is kind of worth one, or they wouldn’t be in the list!

So yeah, it will be a short experience of them and a quick synopsis, I guess, maybe one day I’ll do a whole series of essays about each, but not during a blogging challenge like right now!

This is just another shortie, because I didn’t have another idea of what to write about and I would rather be playing on my Miyoo Mini+ at this very moment!

Have a good day dear reader!

This is day 41 of #100DaysToOffload and post 9 of #WeblogPoMo2024.


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