Metroid Zero Mission

I finished a game on my Miyoo Mini Plus, and it is Metroid Zero Mission! A game I've already played, but I decided to go back where it all started.

Metroid Zero Mission is one of my favorite games among the ones I’ve completed. It’s a remake of the original NES game with a lot of fantastic additions for a more civilized age. I think it is probably the best way to get into the series, and one of the best ways to get into the Metroidvania genre itself.

Metroid Zero Mission
Metroid Zero Mission

I actually completed this before on my PSP years ago, and I also started this playthrough on it, and had a couple of hours of progress, however, when I got my Miyoo Mini Plus, I also transferred my save file and kept going!

The game holds up well to this well, but of course if you’ve played Metroid Dread or Samus Returns, you won’t find the same movement and controls as those entries, first of all, the GBA does not have as many inputs as the Switch or the 3DS, not even an SNES, so some additions had to be made.

Despite this, I think there’s a lot of people who agree that Zero Mission’s controls, borrowed from the previously released Metroid Fusion, are really, really good, and even better than Super Metroid’s, specially because of the new physics and mechanics.

The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play, being a made for a portable console, save rooms are plentiful and the colors are quite bright, due to the lack of a backlight on the original GBA, this might break some of the immersion that Super had with its darker, more atmospheric look, but keeping that in mind, the art style is simply great, alongside the wonderful soundtrack, although it wasn’t the best on the Miyoo Mini speakers…

Anyway, I had tons of fun going through this adventure, defeating the classic Metroid bosses, and even completing some shinespark puzzles, which I never managed to do when I was younger. I think this is one of those games you should definitely play at least once, it is not very long. I completed it in a bit over 4 hours, with a completion rate of 67%, but if is is your first time it might take you 7 or 8.

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