January 2024 Summary

Here it is, the first month of the year, a lot has happened!

📆 01 Feb 2024 📕 949 words ⏳ 3 min. 🏷️ podcasts reading manga movies monthly

The year is off to a good start, consuming a lot of good content and things like that. My new job is pretty alright too and I don’t have a lot to complain. Books, games, movies, anything and everything except for Manga because Tachiyomi is dead. 😭

Anyway, here’s what I did during the month of January!


  • Out of The Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis. Still in progress, a fantasy disguised as science fiction, liking it a lot! The age of it feels a bit more, not in the concepts but the writing, the way some things are described are fairly alien to me, but I guess it makes sense since it happens in a different planet.
  • Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke, truly thought provoking, you can read my review of it too! I was very impressed by the ideas showcased in it the whole way through, glad to have gone blind into it.
  • Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, absolutely great book! Wrote a review here. I think I would have liked it a lot more if it wasn’t because the main plot twists were spoiled by the not so good movie. Still really enjoyable.


  • Godzilla Minus One: This was the movie that got me started this year, I paid to bring my family to watch it. It was absolutely beautiful, stunning. The acting, the plot, the sountrack, the effects, the concepts, the meaning behind it all. This movie was insanely good and you must go watch it. That atomic breath scene literally made me cry.
  • Shin Godzilla: This is not just another Godzilla movie, I’ve known about Shin Godzilla for ages but I didn’t really bother watching it until now. I am satisfied with it, the style is a lot different to Minus One’s, but I still had a really good time with it.
  • Godzilla vs Kong: I mean, this is just fun. The fights and the effects are awesome, as well as the sound design, not much makes sense about the story, and the cinematography is a bit weird sometimes, but its enjoyable nonetheless.
  • Spectre: We watched this James Bond movie out of nowhere and it managed to keep me watching it, it had been a while since I just watched a good old spy thriller and this one wasn’t half bad. Not a masterpiece, kinda wanna watch the other Bond movies now.


  • Into The Aether: I kind of started listening to this podcast almost as episodes come out, its actually kind of fun to interact in the Discord server about whatever happened in each episode, I’ve discovered some games that I actually want to play! Because they’re older games and romhacks, fun!
  • Pretending to be People: This is a podcast kind of like Dungeons and Daddies but using different game mechanics, I forgot the name of them but anyway, it is a bit of a murder mystery story and I am liking it quite a bit so far!
  • Retro Game Time Machine: Still liking this podcast a lot! Just good old game reviews and a bit of a look back at what was going on back when it came out.
  • Revolutions: The French revolution is coming to an end and I think I’ll keep listening to whatever’s next, very good stuff as always.


  • Monster: Ever since Tachiyomi stopped being supported I kind of stopped reading manga, but I have read a couple of chapters of Monster this month, not much else though.


  • Lumines: I am addicted, this game is so fun. I think I’ve played for 15 hours or something and I am still trying to beat my record, it is beautifully simple, and the music is great too. I played on my PSP initially but I ended up also buying it for Switch, still play on both though, since the PSP is better for work commutes.
  • Triangle Strategy: This is a tactics rpg that I wish I could’ve played more, I like its art and story, as well as the gameplay, but it feels too important to just play while doing something else, so I have not dedicated as much time to it.

  • Limbo: This is the first game I finished this year, I wrote a review for it here
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: This is the second game I finished, a beautiful Metroidvania that I loved a lot. Wrote a review here
  • Ember Knights: This is a roguelite that I’ve been playing with my friends on the weekends, super fun although a little laggy on Switch. It plays a lot like Hades and its quite addicting.
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse: A fantastic party game that I’ve played with friends on Weekends, its great fun for pros and noobs alike.
  • Super Mario Bros Wonder: I got this game and have played it a bit with my friends, but I need to give it more time too.
  • Final Fantasy IV: I got the ship that will lead me to the moon and then maybe I’ll finish this game once and for all.

Device Usage


I used my laptop for 57 hours

  • Firefox for 38 hours
  • Alactitty for 8 hours
  • GIMP for 8 hours
  • Inkscape for 1 hour


I used my phone for 211 hours

  • Youtube for 52 hours
  • WhatsApp for 46 hours
  • Tusky for 21 hours
  • Librera for 15 hours
  • Cromite for 12 hours
  • Discord for 12 hours
  • Signal for 7 hours
  • Facebook for 6 hours
  • Bible for 4 hours

This is day 9 of #100DaysToOffload

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