I missed a couple days, so what?

I did not publish any blogposts for the last two days, but I am completely OK with that.

I was quite busy the past few days thinkering with things. I am not sorry.

After all, the point of writing for my blog is not to do it by force after all, and I don’t really take part of challenges like this because I need make a commitment or to push my limits. I am not saying that is wrong, everyone has their priorities and lately, writing simply hasn’t been one. I’ve been quite distracted by a new hobby. Something simple, portable, and handy, which is nice.

I’ve written pretty consistently for the last 4 years at this point, and the real reason I take part on this challenge is simply to interact with other bloggers and readers. People with common interests, or completely different ones. Some of them writing for the first time, some returning from a long hiatus, or some simply looking for a popular hashtag to show their work to wider audiences.

According to my instance whenever I type the #WeblogPomo2024 tag, there are more than 300 posts using it during the week. Let’s just say it is only half of that due to the @Pomo bot aggregating all of the participants in its feed. That is still a lot of participants, and I get to participate not just by writing, but by checking out the work of the others and adding many of them to my RSS reader!

Besides, there’s no need to worry about being a little behind on things, I assure you I’ll reach 31 posts this month. Just because I didn’t publish anything, it doesn’t mean I didn’t write anything. I just have to finish up my drafts and if everything goes right, I’ll be sharing more than a post per day at least a couple of times before May ends!

Have a good day, dear reader!

This is day 49 of #100DaysToOffload, and post 17 for #WeblogPoMo2024.


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