Good start, unsteady steps, final sprint

Not a running blogpost.

📆 20 Dec 2023 📕 354 words ⏳ 1 min. 🏷️ short blog community

As the year comes to an end, I have to rush on these posts! So I hope you don’t mind having some shorter reads.

Today, I just wanted to point out what a weird year this has been for me when it comes to writing posts constantly throughout the year.

Just take a look at the numbers:

  • January: 31 posts
  • February: 10 posts
  • March: 3 posts
  • April: 1 post
  • May: 1 post
  • June: 1 post
  • July: 5 posts
  • August: 3 posts
  • September: 7 posts
  • October: 14 posts
  • November: 6 posts
  • December: +7 posts

I barely managed to stay afloat thanks to the epic feat of doing a third of the progress in one twelfth of the time.

In February there were only 10 posts, which was still more than 9 out of 12 months in the year. Then I went by doing a single post for 3 months, then half of what I did in February in July, I dropped again in August and I finally managed to go up a bit more during September, with October keeping the ship afloat. From there on its remained somewhat steady, although still short from the ideal of 8 blogposts per month

But I wouldn’t say I lost hope at any point of the challenge until now. Seeing how I could post daily or even twice a day if I really wanted to, so, embrace yourselves—it’s happening now.

The competition

I am now in the final sprint alongside other great bloggers like Clayton Errington, Garrit Franke and Brian Bennet and of course Noisy Deadlines! I am ashamed to say Hyde managed to beat me this time around. But I have to mention this is his fourth time beating the challenge, so we’ll see how it goes in the future! If he decides to join once again…

Finally, I wouldn’t blame you if you missed it because of how quick this guy did it, but Fredrik Bjoreman actually completed the challenge twice this year. Now that’s what I call crazy fast.

This is day 90 of #100DaysToOffload

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