Writing during my free time

Thinking about my priorities and responsibilities outside of this blog

This was written right before I finished cleaning the floor of my house. So I decided to write about it. It is going to be a shorter read that usual.

I was already sitting in front of the keyboard and writing the first paragraph of some random theme that came to mind, until I remembered that I still had some stuff to do.

Every day I like to wake up pretty early, today the time was 5:40 am, however, I don’t get out of bed. I know I could be getting work done, or just doing something else that isn’t losing my time. But no, the bed is too comfy and I just lay there doing nothing but scroll my phone screen under the sheets of my bed, I blame it on the season, but its not a valid excuse, since the place where I live is not really that cold.

At 7:12 am, I finally get out of bed, take a shower, get ready for my day, turn on my computer, and do some work. After that, I have some free time (or at least, time that is not being ruled by others who tell me what to do), but then I remember, I have not cleaned the floor, nor the dishes. I already had my text editor open, the metadata set up to start writing. But I just can’t. I have responsibilities, and I don’t want anyone but myself reminding me to do those chores.

And so I did, I swept the entire floor and then mopped it, washed the dishes, and dried them. Now I am free, and I can have all the time I need.

I find it really important to get stuff done and clear my mind, Right now I don’t know what else to say. Some people manage to not do their duty before their hobbies, and sometimes I do, when I really don’t feel like actually working, and I know its no big deal. I am glad I have this sense of responsibility though, even tho I wanted to do something else, and there was nobody expecting me to fulfill those actions, I still had me, and I am okay with that, because I am still here writing, I still did what I wanted to do, and now I am done.

This is day 9 of #100DaystoOffload


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