Declutering my room

The reason I haven't written a longer blogpost is because now that I took out a bunch of stuff out of my chest of drawers, I now have a mess of stuff to cleanup

I want to keep up writing a post per day, so I’ll continue with the aftermath that follows from building my new cabinet.

Basically, I still have a full drawer of notebooks and paper that go all the way back to middle school, even one that contains drawings I did since primary school. I have to work on getting rid of the stuff I don’t really need any more, like my high school math notes, and also trying to keep or digitalize the things I care about, such as some drawing practice from some classes I took a while ago..

There’s also a ton of blank paper in various formats, such as note cards, post-its, blank notebooks and even letters. There’s some old books from English courses and similar stuff.

I wish I could avoid this but I also feel like, I need to get around doing this at some point either way and I might as well do it now. It really isn’t that much stuff I am just procrastinating by writing this blogpost.

Now that I confessed the true purpose behind this writing, I shall now accept my destiny and get back to work. I have nothing left to do, other than try the games I just bought for my Switch, but I won’t, I will not, I will definitely NOT.


This is day 93 of #100DaysToOffload


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